Chef Rocco Whalen preparing contemporary American cuisine with his signature Asian twist.

The Fahrenheit menu, says Chef Rocco Whalen, is “contemporary American regional cuisine.” It is Rocco’s Asian insinuations that make this fare uniquely his own. The menu is so imaginative and distinctive youll not find anything else like it no matter where your travels take you. Each and every day,

Chef Whalens mind is crammed with new food creation ideas so that Fahrenheit has taken to changing their menu every six weeks to accommodate as many as possible. Indeed, some items hang around from menu-to-menu to appease the regulars who have their long-standing favorites. And because Rocco uses only the finest and freshest ingredients available during any particular season, sometimes the menu varies more greatly than others.

This, to Roccos way of thinking, is the only way to cook: always fresh, never frozen, prepared from scratch with most of the ingredients coming from local and regional farms.

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