New Sherwin Williams HQ bringing potential boost for downtown restaurants

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Cleveland foodies know Rocco Whalen as the owner of Fahrenheit in Tremont for the past 22 years. His landmark restaurant is now in a new spot in downtown Cleveland, with more space.

“I have, you know, tripled my size but also equivalently a rooftop is added, a first floor patio, residential tower as well as seven, eight floors of commercial real estate opportunity,” Whalen said.

The Sherwin Williams global headquarters being built across the street is one of the big reasons why he moved here, he said. The new building will hold about 4,000 people and with a development this size, employees will likely be working at the office.

“A thousand people from that side of the facade of that 37-story tower will be able to see my rooftop every moment they look out their window in their office,” Whalen said.

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Source: Steve Maugeri | Spectrum News 1


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